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WN Examples: Forms, Clickable Images and Authentication

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WN Executable Program Example (Run It)

It prints the values of all the CGI/1.1 environment variables.

WN NPH Program Example (Run It)

Same as above but an NPH (non-parsed-headers) program.

WN Fill-Out Form Example

Order a Pizza!

WN Clickable Image Examples

Illustrating the different "methods" for clickable images.

WN Password Protected Directory Example

Use "santa" as username and "red-nosed" as password. For this example to work, the WN server must be run with one of the -t, -T, -a or -A options.

WN Server Push Example

It prints the current time on the server and updates it every five seconds. It quits after doing this five times.

WN Server Side Includes that Execute a Program

How the page counter and last modified lines on this page work.

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