ooo - international support for PostScript


ooo --application=application [-aAcChHtTE] [--procset=procset] [-p procset] [--encoding=encoding] [-e encoding] [--replace=Old=New] [-r Old=New] [--recode-standard-fonts] [file ...]


OOO stands for Object Oriented Ogonkify. ooo is a drop-in replacement of Juliusz Chroboczek's ogonkify script (version 0.7.1). It contains a few bugfixes and makes the program more structured and easy to extend keeping the original concept and functionality.

This man page describes the differences between ooo and ogonkify


Generally speaking, ooo accepts the same options as ogonkify but with some minor syntax changes.

--application application
Mandatory option. It specifies the creator of input file. This version of ooo supports the following applications: netscape, mosaic, mp, staroffice, applixware, xfig. Application names are case insensitive.

--application replaces old -N, -M, -mp, -SO, -AX, -F options.

--procset|-p filename
Includes the specified procset in the output file. Same as the original -p option.

--encoding|-e encoding
Set the encoding of the output. Same as the original -e option.

--replace|-r Old=New]
Use the font New in place of Old. Same as the original -r option.

-a -c -t -h -A -C -T -H
Remap Adobe Courier, IBM Courier, Times-Roman, Helvetica fonts respectively. Upper case letters makes fonts downloaded also. These options may be combined in any arbitrary way and they replace the old -a, -A, -c, -C, -t, -T, -h, -H, -CT, -AT, -CTH, -ATH options.

Add the Euro currency sign to all standard fonts. Same as original -E option.

Recode standard fonts. These options replace the old -RS.


Netscape's so called isolatin1encoding vector swaps the glyps minus and hyphen. This makes output of the ogonkify 0.7.1 a bit ugly. ooo corrects this problem.

XFig 3.2 is supported well.


ooo replaces the ogonkify script only but you need the original font files and other scripts of Ogonkify package.

Download the latest version of Ogonkify from and follow the installation instructions. Then copy ooo script into /usr/local/bin (or where the ogonkify script was installed), then customize $IBMFONTDIR and $LIBDIR variables as well as the path to your PERL binary in the very first line.


ooo script is written by Gábor Kiss <>. It is entirely based on Julius Chroboczek's work.




This code may be distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License, either version 2 of the license, or (at your option) any later version.