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Support for the WN Server and Thanks

17.1 Support

Unfortunately, I do not have time to answer all the questions sent to me by WN users. I recommend that you subscribe to the mailing list of WN maintainers and ask your questions there. It is read by many knowledgeable WN users (including me).

To subscribe with the address you're sending mail from, send a message to majordomo@cyberwerks.com containing the line:

subscribe wn-maint your.email.address

The people reading this list seem to be very helpful.

17.2 Thanks

I would like to thank the many people who have aided in the creation of the WN package. These people include Earle Ake, David Capshaw, Henry Cejtin, Mike Crowley, Chris Davis, Paul DuBois, Mike Gallaher, Doug Hardie, Stephen Hebditch, Hamish MacEwan, Jishnu Mukerji, Marko Nordberg, Jeff Norden, Willem Pinckaers, Ron Pool, Kenji Rikitake, Jim Rees, Craig Milo Rogers, Chip Rosenthal, Sander Schippers, Kurt Siegl, Doug Simpkinson, Stephen Trier, Rico Tudor, Peter van Dijk, Pim van Riezen, and William Wells.

Special thanks are due to Jean Pierre LeJacq, who has worked extensively on the documentation and Paul Hoffman who maintains the mailing list.

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