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How the Index to WN User's Guide Server Works

The file docindex.html was produced by the WN utility wnindexmaker. wnindexmaker produces a collection of HTML unordered lists with entries like:

<li> <a href="search=context?content-type">content-type</a>

This is an anchor to a relative URL. The complete URL would be:


which asks the server to do a context search of the 25 files in the User's Guide with query term "content-type". When this is selected the server returns a list of all files in the directory with matches, with a sublist for each list consisting of the lines that contain a match. Selecting one of the highlighted search terms in a match line causes the server to return document positioned at the location of the matched item. This is part of all context searches. It is done by inserting an anchor on the fly at the location of the match.

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