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User Defined Fields on the WN Server

The maintainer may associate an arbitrary field value to any document in the WN hierarchy. It is then possible to do fielded searches.

A line like:

Field3=any text here

in the index.wn file associates the text "any text here" with user defined Field3. The '3' in this example can be replaced with any number from 0 to 19. A fielded search is invoked by a URL like:


In addition to fielded searches the user supplied fields can be inserted in documents. This is done by including a field marker such as:

<!-- #field3 -->

in the file at the point where the value should be inserted. If there is no Wrappers= or Includes= line in the index.wn file for this entry then there must be a line like:


so the server knows it is to parse the file to look for the marker. See the section "Set File Attributes" in this guide for more details.

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