Known bugs and incompatibilities of GSM devices

FALCOM A1 does not reply OK after AT+CPIN? command as any other devices do.

FALCOM A2 does not reply OK after AT+S0? command.

I've tested two different Siemens M1-s Ver.04.003 01.04.97, and I found some differences between them. (See command table.) This means, that the version number has no significance. :-(

Siemens M1 (Ver.04.003 01.04.97) accepts +CNMI mode 0 and 2 settings but always works as in mode 1.

FALCOM A2 (firmware 01.7f.02) is reported to have a bug. It does not accept the following command: ATS4=13 . As far as I know FALCOM A1 has the same problem.

Bosch 909 (and probably Bosch 908 also) requires SCA when sending a message but SCA is not displayed while listing stored messages.

Bosch 909 (and probably Bosch 908 also) replies commands AT+CGMI, AT+CGMM, AT+CGMR, AT+CGSN with incorrect syntax.

When executing AT+CMGL command FALCOM A2 sends an extra ASCII NUL character after each displayed PDU.

Siemens M20 sends an unsolicited OK after power-on.

TelItal GM360 is a real mess. At least ME versions v. 5.12 03/09/99 DATA-BLOCK and v. 5.13 b 11/01/01 DATA-BLOCK.

Motorola T260 (and probably P260 also) indicates stored (un)sent messages as received unread.

Anonym user reported a Nokia problem:

Subject: Nokia modem HEX bug

We talked about bugs in the modem modules, her is own from my Nokia 7110 (but it seems to be a general one, the 6090 Test Unit I have here, has it, too). That is Nokia Hex:
Only while writing, reading works fine.

Terminal -> Mobile UI
"x A"    -> "x+1 1"
"x a"    -> "x+2 A"
"A x"    -> "1 x"
"a x"    -> "A x"
Nice isn't it, that makes the HEX alphabet (which should be the best and easiest) near to USELESS. "*:JZjz" and many other do not work correctly. Now I have to check, if it is a Nokia and then map all "xA" characters to "x-2 a" ones. And "Ax" gets "ax" within my tool.
Subject: Re: Nokia modem HEX bug

You could even add a FIX for that bug: All Hex Values which contain an A must to be remapped or changed: "xA" has to get "(x-2)a" and it works than in the mobile: "xA" "Ax" has to get "ax". I would not recommend to use all lowercase, we do not what to know what else is broken in lowercase area! For example: "AA" -> "8a".

That works now. Luckily no one else uses HEX, so I do not have to check that.. But I am really curious if it is only 7110/6090. I have to test a 62xx and a 8xxx. Do not include the "6090". Officially I do not have it.

Subject: Re: Nokia modem HEX bug

Just checked: 8210 has it, too.

It seems really a overall bug in that "standard" modem software module.

I have to check an 6210.....

Subject: Re: Nokia modem HEX bug

6210 (FW 4.27) has it, too. It is a "standard" bug in all Hex Nokias.

A Motorola 260 problem is reported by Alex Traud:
This device denies +CPBR command until you select a preferred memory by +CPBS=memory.

Nokia Premicell gets crazy if &D2 settings enabled ("reset if DTR goes off"). Vital S registers get filled with garbage. Set &D0 manually then save this configuration.

Some versions of Wavecom WMOD2 have a hardware bug. RS-232 signals DCD and DSR are swapped. It is probably due to a bug in internal PCB design. So a firmware working well within previous models now crashes your application that listens to DCD. No upgraded firmware available as of April 2004.

The hardware solution: fabricate a DCD/DSR line swapper adapter yourself. Here is the "documentation":